Alteria Fürchte das Dunkel. Fürchte das Licht. Was gibt's Neues in Alteria?

Welcome to Alteria!

Willkommen in Alteria! Wenn ihr zur deutschen Version zurückwollt, müsst ihr hier klicken.

"Alteria?", you may wonder, "what is that?"

"Alteria" is the name of this project and of the world we are creating for it, exploring the possibilities of storytelling on the internet.

Since 2005, our team has been working (on and off) on bringing the parallel world of Alteria to life. The main part is an epic tale of love, hatred, trust, betrayal, and, of course, saving the world – all worlds. But this is not just one more story, the likes of which are published online by myriads of internet users. In this homage to the FinalFantasy series, we have developed a story the reader can actively influence. You will have to make decisions and win fights, and depending on which way you choose for your heroes, there will be a different ending.

Another important part of our project are the graphics. A small sample of pictures can already be found in the gallery – and most of them speak for themselves, so you won't need an English translation.

However, the world of Alteria is even bigger than that. Little by little, an extensive reference book is being written, Cid's Compendium, which one day is going to offer a comprehensive view of the parallel world of Alteria.

Of course, a project like this needs time, and all of us who are working on it have "another" life, with work, university, hobbies, and friendships that need their own part of our time. This is why this site still resembles a construction site in many places (and it will stay that way for a long time). Our newest construction site is this: making Alteria available for those who do not speak German. A complete translation of the story is impossible for us – we do not have the time, and it would completely halt the writing of the story itself. However, if you know both German and English (and are, preferably, an English native speaker) and have too much free time on your hands, we would be happy to welcome you aboard as our official translator! Please contact Atropos at atropos[at] She'll answer immediately after dancing the dance of unbelievable joy, promised!

But, little by little, as we find time (and/or want to procrastinate other things), we are going to translate the info pages – the character pages, the gallery, the "who we are", and so on. At the moment, they are only available in German (the links are on the left; "gallery" is "Galerie", as you may have guessed; the other pages probably have too much text for those who don't understand German). I hope you can enjoy that which you can understand, and you are always welcome to come back and check what has been updated in English!

If you don't want to translate, but volunteer to proofread our translations, that would be great, too, by the way ;-)